Sunday, November 20, 2011

Technology Integration - How do we make it work this time?

In my quest to be more of a professional, social presence, I have been participating in more online community discussions. I am involved in one now where the topic is on getting technology to actually be used in the classroom. It's a great conversation, but what strikes me is that all the participants know what should be done, and yet realize its not being done. It's the same situation that has been ongoing for decades...every time "technology" is deemed to be the miracles that will save education (think radio, tv).

So...if we know what will help really get technology integrated in a way that will truly help students learn achieve (think TPACK), what needs to change to really make it succeed and not repeat history? I am on a quest to figure that out....any suggestions along the way will be greatly appreciated. I know fundamentally changing how we structure learning is key.

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