Friday, October 7, 2011

Part 3 - Technology In Schools: Driving Digital Technology

In part 1 I brought up the issue of technology in school and how it's use is often spotty at best. Part 2 offered one possible solution, which was to do away with only offering one-stop workshops for teachers when training them on technology, as this is ineffective and will not create sustained change or use of the technology.  Time and support need to be part of these one-stop workshops.

Today (mainly because I found a great article this morning about this) is related to the actual decision process of deciding on what technology to bring into the schools (in this case, digital content).  This should be the FIRST step - if the decision process on what technology will actual help students is done carefully, then this should go a long way in helping ensure that the use of that technology happens.  If the technology fits in the first place, it makes integration into instruction an easier process (though training, time and support are still needed).  Rather than reiterate the suggestions, here is the link to the article by Geoffrey Fletcher entitled Driving Digital Technology.

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