Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take some time to remember a teacher

In my perusal of Twitter postings this morning, I ran across this link "What's the Most Important Lesson You Learned from a Teacher?" Touching story about remembering teachers who have impacted your life.  If you haven't done it, with Facebook and Twitter and other social media avenues, it's easy to find that teacher (or teachers) who made some impact in your life.  Admit it - there's at least one - so go find them and thank them. With the constant bashing teachers get for the failed education system, it would be nice to get some positive feedback that yes, indeed, they did make a difference in at least one of the hundreds of lives they have touched.  We know it's more - but they they usually never even hear about one.  So...reach out.  Let a teacher know that in fact, because of their hard work and dedication and caring, you are who you are.

I did this last year - found Senora Frances Pettigrew from McLean High School and let her know that in large part, because of her, I became a teacher.  And it wasn't the Spanish, since I became a math teacher - it was the humor, the dedication and caring she showed me as a student, and the way she taught - allowing her students to express their thinking, creativity, and respect. She put up with me for three years, but her influence I hope helped make me a dedicated, caring teacher who showed respect for my students and taught math with creativity and humor.

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