Monday, October 31, 2011

Financial Literacy - Real-world math, REALLY.

In two previous postings, What Should We Be Teaching? and Financial Literacy - Bring It Back To School I brought up the fact that we are doing our students a disservice by NOT teaching financial literacy. appears that there is some movement on that front, which is exciting for me to see.  I am hoping this economy crisis we are in has perhaps opened the eyes of many our education system needs to better prepare students for reality, not just standardized tests. Great that you can pass a test to get into a college, but not so great when you can't figure out how to save for that college.

In the article, High Schools, Colleges Push Financial Literacy by Caralee Adams, the focus is on student-loan debt and helping students understand debt and earnings starting in high school in order to hopefully prevent future problems. Helping students realize what debt is, how payment of loans works, and how to start saving and planning for the future is a skill that our students need....and they need it now so they can hopefully NOT fall into the problems facing so many today.

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Alaska Young said...

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