Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook As A Communication Tool

Taking a quick side trip away from 'education' directly to give a shout out to Facebook as a powerful communication tool and to an unknown Texas A&M student who has reaffirmed my faith in humanity and honesty.

First - little background - in the last three months my credit card number was stolen twice (while I still had the credit card....) and my entire wallet, with ID, credit cards, ATM card, was stolen right out of my purse while I was sitting eating at a restaurant.  So, needless to say, I am a little down on humanity in general and dishonest slimy thieves specifically.  After hundreds of dollars lost, hours wasted getting new id's and cards, I have not been feeling too kindly about our society in general.  So when my daughter called me from college yesterday to inform me she lost her wallet with her id and all her cards, school id, dorm keys, etc., panic mode set in and there was an immediate call made to the bank and the credit card company cancelling the cards...yet again.  Of course, I thought the worst - wallet gone, first person to find it is going on a shopping spree.

However - light at the end of the tunnel.  My daughter just text me this morning to inform me that an unknown A&M student had messaged her on Facebook to let her know she had her wallet.  Everything intact - id, keys, cards, money.  So - shout out to the power of Facebook, where an honest person can reach out to someone they don't know and find them and relieve their anxiety over a lost object.  And a shout out to this honest student at A&M - thank you for reminding me that not everyone in the world is a thief and dishonest and that there are still some good,  conscientious people out there. I will not gripe at all as I wait for my replacement card...again!


Polaroid-style photo of a girl studying in the library

Integrity - Character is destiny.

The Aggie Code of Honor which Aggies recite by heart: 'Aggies do not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those that do' shows what goes to the heart of being an Aggie. - Texas A&M Leadership

From the Texas A&M Website on Core Values - I am a believer now!

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