Friday, September 11, 2015

Global Math Challenge September 27 - CCSS anyone?

In perusing the internet for edtech and math news of interest, I came across Sony Global Education Inc.'s Global Math Challenge.  On September 27 you can get online, take a brainteaser math test, competing against mathematicians (young and old) all over the world.  Wow!

According the the description, "GMC is full of beautiful illustrations, helping to put math puzzles into a real-world context". This is true if you look at the sample.  You can sign up for the free-Trial Plan, where you will just get your score, or the Standard Plan, in which you actually get to review your results and compare your results with all the other competitors. There are some sample questions for you to 'try it out' before signing up.  Which of course I did....

I was much relieved to find I could actually answer them, though I did get #3 wrong because I misinterpreted the question (I assumed we started from 2, vs. using the given five already assembled). What I loved was the logic needed to get to a solution.  I had to analyze, make a guess, justify, readjust - I used pictures, numbers - lots of ways to make sense of the problem and looking for patterns....i.e the Common Core!

My thoughts are teachers might try some of these problems with their students - it really gets the conversation going.  And - encourage them to sign up for the Global Math Challenge. What a great opportunity for doing challenging logic math problems and then sharing the results after and comparing to others around the world - a way to connect globally and mathematically!

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