Friday, April 20, 2012

NCTM 2012 - Technology Workshop Suggestions

In a recent post, I talked about planning for my talk at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference next week in Philadelphia. Not surprising, I am doing a presentation on dynamic mathematics with Sketchpad. Since effective use of technology in education is such a passion of mine, it's something I tend to want to share with others.  If I was able to, I would also be attending as many technology focused workshops/sessions as I could. Being on the vendor end of things, that is virtually impossible since I spend most of my time at the booth.  Though - the beauty of the booth is I get to play with technology all day and meet and show lots of teachers what they can do with dynamic math.

Anyway, I know attending these conferences can be overwhelming sometimes, since there are so many choices at any one time so it's hard to know which sessions to try to go to. I myself use to have a daily focus.  The first day I might focus on algebra and technology, so look for sessions that were on either of those topics, but preferably both.  And the next day, focus on geometry and technology.  It at least narrowed my choices a bit.

For those of you looking for technology focused sessions, Ihor Charischak (@climeguy) has posted a comprehensive listing of all the technology sessions at NCTM, so it's a terrific place to go to narrow your search. He has a couple of different links - first one is to highlighted sessions.  Naturally, I will push some of the folks there I know personally or have seen personally and can highly recommend myself: Cliff Konold (co-developer of TinkerPlots), Nick Jackiw (developer of Sketchpad), Dan Meyer, Ron Lancaster, Scott Steketee, Karim Kai Ani (founder of Mathalicious), and Annie Fetter.  I don't know the others on this page, but if Ihor recommends them, they are bound to be great!

There is an additional link to all technology sessions, including the highlighted sessions. From this longer numbered list, I just want to recommend a few myself, either that I know personally or have seen present before. (The numbers referenced and longer descriptions can be found in the link here.)
  • #59 - Gail Burrill
  • #93 - Mark Augustyn and Kathy Shafer 
  • #94 - Ron Lancaster
  • #128 - Cliff Konold
  • #139 - Daniel Scher (and Janice Manning, Matt Silverman)
  • #142 - Elizabeth DeCarli
  • #143 - Ihor Charischak
  • #155 - Karen Hollebrands
  • #206 - Jocelyn Van Vliet
  • #214 - Art Mabbott
  • #260 - Karen Greenhaus (shameless self promotion!! )
  • #294 - Arjan Khalsa
  • #339 - Tim Pope
  • #384 - Juli Dixon
  • #394 - Bill Finzer
  • #555 - Irina Lyublinskaya
  • #587 - Judith Hicks (with Elizabeth Gasque)
  • #592 - Max Singerman Ray
  • #617 - Kathy Shafer and Angela Greene
Thanks to Ihor and CLIME (booth #1337)  for putting together this great list and keeping us apprised of all things math technology related! Be sure to stop by their booth.

Hope to see many of you at NCSM (Booth #1-305) and NCTM (Booth #902) next week in Philly.  I am there all week, mostly found at Key Curriculum's booth.  Would love to say hi and connect - maybe show you a thing or two about dynamic mathematics!

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