Friday, September 23, 2011

YouTube for teachers

There is now apparently a community site for teachers on YouTube, designed to help teachers integrate videos into classroom instruction.  The tech integration part of me is really excited by the idea - it sounds like YouTube is putting some thought behind the site as well, by including tips on organizing and using the videos to help students and spark discussion and providing ways for teachers to create their own page and identify specific videos for learing. I couldn't find information on where these videos are coming from, so I am a bit skepticle about the quality, but I see this as pretty promising support for teachers, especially as there is the inclusion of a community forum where folks can post teaching ideas and ask questions.

Being curious, I had to check out the site I just did a quick look - will have to explore later, but it has a way to search and organize videos, crand offers suggestions for use in your room, let's you create your own channel.  I definitely see potential - kind of fits in to that idea I had in a previous post that we should be modeling appropriate use of social media.  Anyway, I will explore more, but hopefully some of you still in the classroom will also explore and send in some feedback.

I will just share the video clip they have right on the landing page because it's cool and it's Ellen!

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