Monday, September 19, 2011

Plane Math - Sketchpad & Images

I am going to be honest - I have been in a meeting all day and struggling with something to write about today.  Brain melt I think.  Since much of what I have been focusing on today has been about math teachers and what they lookfor when they search the web, I thought maybe I would just share a YouTube video I created for another blog I was writing previously (I can plagiarize myself, right?!)

I picked this one mainly because it ties in to the whole relevancy of mathematics I spoke about last week, but also because I think it's a quick example of what I think teachers are looking for when they search the web - quick, ready to use lessons or video clips or ideas to use easily in a lesson. I know from personal experience with lesson planning and trying to come up with an engaging launch for my lesson or an idea, I searched the web for technology ideas, videos - something quick, engaging, and real world.

So....mainly because I was on a plane yet again, I chose a Sketchpad snippet I did about using real-world images to do math.

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