Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Math of Moving

Didn't think I would have a chance to write today. I am sitting in my parents house, surrounded by 42 years of 'stuff', as I help them pack up for their move to a retirement community.  Two days left to finish cleaning out years of accumulation. Emotional, stressful, and overwhelming to think about the amount of things we acquire over time. And as you sort through it, what do you take and what do you throw away? (If my mother has her way, NOTHING will be thrown away!)

So - my contribution for the day is a  'real-world' problem related to moving. Just a few thoughts as I gather my sanity before the next closet clean out.

If you saved every National Geographic magazine since 1969, how many magazines is that and how many pounds would it weigh? And, if you now have to take this to the recycling bin, how many trips will this take? You might ask your students what additional information might be needed (see list below):
  •  How many magazines are printed in a year?
  • What does a typical magazine weigh?
  • What kind of car are we driving?

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