Sunday, September 25, 2011

Education Technology - Research direction

I have been embedded in my research reviews all weekend, so I apologize now for the focus of this post...research.  But, I will say, I am feeling better about the direction I plan to head in for my dissertation - that of determining what and how teachers are actually using technology in the classroom.  Especially after I just read this article: On Ed Tech, We're Asking the Wrong Question by Dennis Pierce.  Basically, he reemphasizes what I have been finding - that we need to ask 1) what are the conditions that make ed-technology effective learning tools and 2) why are schools that have adopted/invested in ed-technology not showing success?  It's definitely related to how the tools are being implemented. What are the instructional decisions being made around technology use in the classroom and are these decisions really the best use of the technology if the goal is to improve student achievement?

Just my thoughts for the day on this late Sunday afternoon.

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