Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edible Math and Really Cool Math Modeling

I saw a tweet by Dan Meyer this morning that referenced mathcandy - i.e. modeling mathematics with candy.  Naturally, had to check that out and it's pretty cool.  Reminded me of how when I was teaching middle and high school, I used Skittles to model bar graphs, or 'tagged' Starbursts when doing random sampling, or used gum drops and tooth picks to model two and three dimensional objects.

MathCandy had another link to Vi Hart: Mathematical Food which has amazing math done with food, balloons, math doodling and so many other great 'tools' to model mathematics.  Just wanted to share this as it is so interesting and if any of you teachers out there are struggling with how to motivate your students, these are some great sites with great ideas and pictures.  And let's face it - if you can involve food with anything, students are in!

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