Sunday, September 18, 2011

Does technology improve education?

I am reading Education and Technology by Neil Selwyn (International Publishing Group, 2011) for my doctoral research seminar class.  It's an interesting critical look at the role of technology in education.  While I am only on Chapter 4 at this point, it has raised some questions in my mind that I just wanted to throw out there to hopefully hear some others points of view.  I myself am still not quite sure of my own answers to these questions, which is part of this whole journey I am on with my doctoral research and my work with teachers.

Here are just a few questions:
1) Does technology improve education?  I think before reading this, I would have said unequivocally yes, however, now, I am not sure - I think it depends is a better answer, and I think it depends on who and how.

2) Are we doomed to repeat the pattern of technology integration in education (think radio, tv, computers, etc.) i.e. - great expectations yet little, if any, real impact? How do we break this cycle?

3) Should the impact of technology on education be judged by learning outcomes or should we be looking elsewhere to determine the value of technology in education? 

There are lots of other questions - these are just a few I am pondering myself. If you have the time, check out the book or check out Neil's twitter.

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